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    How epic can help your workshops or classes operate online

    Epic provides a full-service package to enable your workshops of classes to operate online. We can provide camera, sound and production expertise, along with the custom digital subscription platform to give your customers the flexibility and choice to attend your classes in person, or virtually - online.

    Bespoke Content Subscription Platform

    We offer a custom content subscription platform that can integrate with your current website, or sit separately. This enables your customers to subscribe, make payment and access the content you make available, all through your existing website.

    Full Camera and Sound Production

    We can provide professional camera and sound equipment and crew to pre-record or live stream your class. Or we can link up to your own equipment if you'd prefer.

    Live Streaming or Pre-Recording

    Our online platform can support live streaming as well as on-demand pre-recorded content - giving you complete flexibility on how you create your content and giving your customers flexibility on how they engage with it.

    Interactive Facility

    Our online platform has an optional chat facility to enable interaction between you and your customers in real-time.

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    Why choose epic to help your business evolve, online?

    Just some of the reasons why your business could benefit from operating online.

    Retain Current Customers

    Instead of your customers cancelling their subscription or pay-as-you-go fee, you can offer customers the flexibility to train, learn or experience your event - all from the comfort of their own home or office.

    Obtain New Customers

    Grow your customer base further, by providing an unlimited number of users access to your content, either live or on-demand.

    Increase Revenue & Minimise Costs

    By evolving your business to operate online, you can increase revenue and minimise costs.

    Seamless Integration

    Our custom platform can integrate seamlessly with your existing website, giving your customers a reliable and consistent experience with your business.