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    Why does your business need SEO?

    If your website doesn't rank on page one of search results, your customers are much less likely to find your website, so you will miss out on leads and potential sales. Here are the key results that our SEO team focus on delivering for our clients.

    1. Improved Search Ranking

    The ultimate SEO goal is to rank in position one on page one of search results. If you don't even appear on page one, then you are certainly missing out on leads and potential sales, so get in touch!

    2. Increased Brand Awareness

    Even for 'offline' brands, improved search ranking will increase brand awareness and improve customer consideration for the future.

    3. Increased Organic Traffic

    By improving your search ranking for relevant keywords, your site will be more visible to customers. Coupled with an engaging title and description, more customers will click through to your website.

    4. Improved Lead Generation

    Increasing organic traffic to your site is the first SEO hurdle, but we then need to ensure that customers are given a seamless user experience to find the information they want and are provided relevant calls-to-action to contact your business and become a sales lead.

    5. Increased Sales

    The end goal is to ensure you realise a return on your investment, by ultimately increasing the number of sales generated for your business.

    Why choose epic for your SEO?

    Find out why you should choose epic to help build your business through a cost-effective, organic search strategy.

    Over 10 Years' Experience

    Our team has been successfully running organic SEO campaigns for over 10 years.

    Industry-Leading Tools

    We have access to the latest tools and technologies to ensure we can provide you with the best guidance to build your business.

    Dedicated Account Manager

    Choose from one of our SEO packages and you will have a dedicated contact to deal with all your SEO needs.

    Full Site Audit

    We will carry out a thorough audit of your site to highlight exactly what areas can be improved in the short, medium and long-term.

    Monthly Progress Report

    Our SEO team are driven by delivering results and we'll carefully track progress and provide a detailed report each month.

    Bespoke Content Briefing or Creation

    Our in-house content team can create bespoke content to target your chosen keywords, or we can provide detailed briefs so you can create the content yourself.